This cover design is inspired by the idea that we have many different versions of ourselves. We all change who we are depending on who we spend our time with. With friends, we may be more relaxed and carefree, but with family, we could be more uptight and hidden. I wanted to portray how sometimes it can feel like these different versions are fighting to take the lead.

I created this in Photoshop, using different masking techniques to get shadows and faded effects. For the cityscape and the forest, I added a stroke to make it feel like a hand sketched around them. Using layering, I got the intended effect of her different versions cascading out.

This was an interesting project to work on, as it allowed me to be creative with the different elements and practice my Photoshop editing skills. I do want to enhance this cover design by adding text. I think that would push it in terms of creativity and structure.

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