As part of my final capstone project at SAIT, my team and I collaborated with a volunteer-run company called WIM Canada. They specialize in motorsport for women of all ages and aim to foster an environment that will urge young women to get involved. We worked closely with them for the past four months, assisting in promotional materials as well as helping them edit a documentary series that will hopefully bring them more awareness. I had the pleasure of being in charge to create and make some business cards for their company. 
The final design for the business card was not hard to reach at all. I had this idea to make subtle references to the company and it panned out well. On the front of the card, I did want to keep it simple, with just the logo and name of the company. It draws your attention right away which is what I wanted. On the back of the card, I used their main brand colours, primarily the red as it pops very nicely. I did create the icons seen, the email one, the website one and the social media one. I made the blue section look like the turn of a racetrack, as it was a nice touch to what this company does and it also gave me room to apply the logo in the corner. I do love the simplicity of this design and how straightforward it is. I am so glad WIM Canada liked the final design and will be incorporating it into their business!
Creating mockups truly allows me to get a feel for the overall design. I do think playing around with mockups helped me as I was designing because I was able to look at my progress and be like "Does this look good here? or Would I want this on a physical card?". It pushed me to create the best final design for our client. 
Being able to see the final business cards all printed out was a bit of a surreal feeling. To know that I designed that and it will be seen by many individuals is super cool and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work with such understanding and passionate women!

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