This island was inspired by a nice spring day; one where you could go out and enjoy the sunshine. When I was trying to come up with what would be in this scene, I knew I wanted flowers. They are the pinnacle of how we see spring, the season of regrowth and bloom. I thought a nice touch would be the picnic area by the pond, as a way to connect and admire nature while enjoying friends' company. My favourite part of creating these 3D objects was definitely the different trees. I got to make them vary in size, shape, and colour. I was able to go a lot deeper with the tools in Cinema 4D, further widening my knowledge of this application and its abilities.
​​​​​​​The tools that helped me enhance this project were:
Boole tool
The land and pond were combined to give the pond a more inset look.
Displacer, Twist, and Varying Shapes
All the trees were made from shapes such as squares, spheres, and pyramids. They then had the displacer and twist added to create a cool effect.
Symmetry and Inset Tool
The boat and oars were made by using the inset tool and symmetry to duplicate certain elements. 
Cloner and Random Effect
All the grass blades were made with cloner, and then I added a randomizer effect to make them imperfect and offset.
Subdivision Surfaces
All the individual petals and leaves were made with subdivision surfaces and then cloned to make a full flower.
The cattails started off as capsules, and then the bend tool was added to make them more realistic.

Close up of boat and oars

Picnic basket and pond details

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