The atmosphere of this scene really takes my breath away each time I look at it. The hazy, even spooky, vibe to it is captivating. I am really proud of my composition in this one; everything fits together so well. I did follow a tutorial for this island; I saw this in my Youtube feed and knew I had to recreate it. My only issue was with the car headlights; I was not able to make them less laser-like. After much practice, when I created my winter scene, I was able to resolve this issue. Learning from past issues and working until I can fix them is something I value and strive to implement in my future projects. I will always enjoy the time spent carefully recreating this scene!
Some tools that came in handy for this scene were:
Cloner and Random Tool
For the trees, grass blades, pebbles, and leaves I cloned all of them and then added a randomizer to make them more scattered.
Spline and Loft Tool 
The bushes were made using the spline, and then I added the loft to make them 3D. I then grouped them together to place them precariously around the island.
I created the car by following a tutorial, and I used it again for my winter scene. I again have to give most of the credit to the lighting and textures. They are what pull the entire scene together. I used a radial gradient to create the background sky, which ended up creating a backlight on the island. I love the way this turned out, and I thoroughly enjoyed creating these 3D seasonal islands, as they were a great learning opportunity for me!

Close up of car

Side angle of island

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